I was going to call this “Structure of a Training Course”. It didn’t sound much fun….

Some software or system is being designed.

The design stretches out on your screen, and you cannot help but think of all the moving parts. It all looks overwhelming.

I forget the number of times this thought has prodded my tired self.

The days of having hundreds of O’Reilly books sat on a shelf are gone.

For me this approach never really worked. Replaced by knowing enough to get the task done, but not in a haphazard way.

Rather knowing where to look, who to ask, using experience to design and develop enough to fulfill just what’s needed.

Break things down into smaller chunks. You can call yourself agile, but this is really common-sense.

Anyone who designs and builds things, is going to split the tasks, jobs, work, effort, into manageable bits.

No different to building a car engine, clearing out the “stuff from under the bed”, or cooking a meal.

So how does a training course benefit from this approach?

A training course, which doesn’t flow, which assumes the wrong things, is going to flounder. It won’t be digestible, interesting, or intuitive. Doesn’t sound much fun.

The alternative to a five day intensive training course is to build something yourself as a side project, and write about it.

Talk about the journey, including the good, creative, fatigue, tough bits, and crossing the finishing line.