The Side Project

It’s Monday evening. It’s been a completely busy day, but…

Side projects are not going to write create themselves.

I’m going to create a website which will be an art gallery, for displaying art work.

There are not too many requirements. I know that you will be need to be able to upload a picture, and then display it.

I initially thought this was not going to be a worthy side project contender. But I started think about what was needed, and creative ideas soon came about.

This idea is for a family member, so it needs to be intuitive, easy to use, and hosted. So the infrastructure has to work too.

Art work

I’ve used an app called scapple, which has allowed me to produce some Monday evening high level ideas I started thinking about this working for a community, versus an individual.

With the limited experience (I have) of working with images…

I need to find a consistent way of displaying pictures so they will always be displayed correctly.

A secure login for admins is required. I want a static site, which can be generated, and displayed separately.

I want to work on an image upload form, which will allow images to be uploaded, and listed.

MVP* is always the way of doing this. I don’t want to gold plate these features.

*minimal viable product