Making a Start

It’s Monday evening, and i’m feeling the fatigue, but it’s really important to make a start.

Spring Boot is the server side framework I want to use. I want to create a simple, secure web form, which which will allow for photos to be uploaded. Once uploaded, I want to be able to change the ordering of the photos.

I’m not sure what HTML, rendering I want to use. I’ve used Freemarker templates successfully, when using Dropwizard. Thymeleaf seems to be more common with Spring Boot.

I should really call this project Art Content Management, as I want to be able to update (or re-create) a complete static website.

After uploading a new picture, or changing a photo description, I want to publish, and update the static website. I’m not sure how i’m going to do this, but an FTL / Thymeleaf template renders HTML.

I want to spend some time thinking how I would design a training course, where all the detail, queries, features, and the things not yet mentioned can be discussed, identified, and presented.

What other things do I need to add to my feature (shopping) list? There has been no mention of testing, build and deployment, and infrastructure (aka automation).

There is nothing wrong with having a long list of things, but you need to have a firm idea of what are the most important, versus what can be left for the next release.

In other words, you want to deliver the most pressing, important, eagerly-awaited, usable features.

Avoid gold plating (bringing in unwanted, unnecessary, overkill, over-engineered features).

Next time I will be going through the steps, which will answer some of these questions.

In the meantime, remember MVP*

*minimal viable product.